First App is up and running in Google Play “Apk Extract & Share” is the name we gave for the application. As for what it does i think you might pretty well guess about that , i don’t need to explain that (or should i 🙂 ). Although it is not a heavy application as you might expect but it’s start and we are happy about it. Because for a long period of time we couldn’t get started for some weird reason.

About Apk Extract & Share:

Currently Version 1.0 has support for English, Chinese(Simplified), Korean, German and Japanese Language. When it comes app development localization is a pretty big deal because we want to cover as much as we can with what we have.We have plans to add more language in future. For UI & UX we have used features and code from some open source libraries out there.

Couple of screenshot of the application:

device-2014-01-31-195803 device-2014-01-31-200030 device-2014-01-31-200501 device-2014-01-31-200856 device-2014-01-31-201012 device-2014-01-31-201050

As we don’t have enough resources we have done the language translation via google translator. Please do notify us if anything needs to be corrected.BTW if you want to contribute by doing translation for this application in your native language you are more then welcome. Let us know :). Furthermore If you have any valuable input or any feature/language request please drop us an email at: { dguysstudio at gmail dot com }


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